Designed and skilfully manufactured by absoluteBLACK Ltd.

Modern, industrial design with state of the art, drop stop teeth profiling.

Currently best value for money chainrings in the World.

We just raised the bar higher than anyone ever before, offering cutting edge European made products with great quality for the price of  Far East made counterparts.

About BLACKseries

Blackseries  is a sister company of absoluteBLACK Ltd.   It was formed from a desire to offer different perspective of Absoluteblack’s state of the art products.  BLACKseries is sold exclusively by

BLACKseries  products use the same raw materials, manufacturing techniques, quality control and teeth profiling as Absoluteblack.  Difference is in the overall design.  “We were able to create more industrial looking products that save con- siderable amount of CNC machining time, which lead to savings we can pass on to our customers.” says the founder.